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Women’s Only Fitness Training Programs In Toronto

Drop In Classes

Flirty Girl Women’s Fitness offers 1 hour and 30 min Express Drop In Training Classes. We teach our Women’s Fitness Classes for all Skill Levels; so whether you relate to Laura Croft, Twiggy, or Kirstie Alley you’ll feel right at home at Flirty Girl Fitness. Any class that does have a pre-requisite, like Intermediate Pole Tricks, the pre-requisite is evident in the name of the class so don’t worry about stumbling into a fitness training class you’re not ready for yet. See more at:

Class Registration

Classes fill quickly so we recommend reserving your spot in advance; walk-ins are always welcome subject to availability. Members and Punch Card holders can register for classes on-line. Those without a pre-paid package, or first time customers to Flirty Girl Fitness may simply call to reserve your spot over the phone, 416-920-1400; please note that a credit card is required to guarantee your spot.

Cancellation Policy

A 2-hour cancellation notice is required for all Drop In classes and 48 hours for Weekend Workshops and 4-Week Sessions. Failure to cancel your reservation on time will result in either your credit card being charged $25, Punchcard holders will loose a punch off of their existing punch card and members will lose their ability to pre-register for classes for 1 month after two instances of not calling to cancel.

Class List

GET FIT FAST! 60 minutes of HARD-CORE content CRUNCHED down into 30 minutes of ABS sculpting, bikini shaping class time. Work twice as hard for half the time for the most ABS-solutely amazing results!

Equipment Used: Bender balls & hand weights.
Tighten and shrink your thighs. Lengthen your quads. Round out and tighten up your bum. This hour long class of lunges, squats, and mat work will give you the bottom half you've always wanted. Bring on the skinny jeans.

Equipment Used: Hand Weights for resistance. Floor Mat
GET FIT FAST! 60 minutes of CALORIE KILLING and BLUBBER BURNING cardio content REDUCED down into 30 minutes of HEART HEALING and LUNG LOVING class time. Work twice as hard for half the time for the most CARDIO-licious results!

Equipment Used: No equipment is used for this class.
GET FIT FAST! 60 minutes of CALF CARVING and BOOTY BURNING content SQUATED down into 30 minutes of LEG LENGTHENING THIGH THINNING class time. Work twice as hard for half the time for the most FAB-YOU-LEGS results!

Equipment Used: Hand weights.
From the best selling erotic trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey we give you Fifty Shades of Flirty – the How to Workshop. Bring a man's white shirt, a pair of heels and a tie….oh, so much you can do with a tie:) Striptease. Lap Dance. Bondage. Blindfold

**No Paddle or whips please, this workshop is Flirty not Dirty.
Calories are easy to get……difficult to get rid of. This high intensity class begins with hardcore abdominal work. Using the ‘pyramid technique’, cardio drills will increase withintensity until the half point of the class, & then decrease into low impact movements No fancy choreography required….just a little determination & a towel.

Equipment Used:
It really is all about the ABS….or then again maybe its all about the ASS? Either way we’ve got your best assets covered in our Abs, Legs & Booty class. This intense lower body workout class focuses on carving your abs, chiselling your legs and lifting up that booty. This class utilizes a variety of equipment to both keep the content fresh and to challenge its participants. No one said this is going to be easy – what can we say, Flirty Girls aren’t easy and either is this class!

Equipment Used: Hand weights, medicine balls, 2 pound gel ball, stretch bands & balance balls.
And no, we aren’t metaphorically speaking, we are talking about exercise balls - medicine balls, bender balls & pilates balls. All these Flirty balls are incorporated into this innovative class giving you a full body strength and conditioning workout. We change it up constantly using the balls to provide resistance and instability to challenge and surprise your muscles.

Equipment Used: Medicine balls, pilates balls, 2 pound gel ball, bender balls & handle balls.
Train like an athlete, look like Goddess - now that is pretty badass;) Learn boxing technique, and conditioning circuits with resident Boxer, Steph Iron Lioness, that will leave you feeling strong and empowered. This isn’t your standard Pilates class – we introduce the swiss ball to your workout for added resistance, core engagement and to increase intensity. In this class we won't be just focusing on the core but your balance will be put to the test as we get into those hamstrings, quads and glutes. In just one hour you'll get a full lower body workout with just a ball, a mat and your own body weight. Dancers are made of tough stuff - take this fun & effective class to get a taste of what they go through to get those long, lean legs and toned tushes! Using classic ballet moves combined with bootcamp-style drills you'll learn soon enough just how tough you have to be! There's nothing sexier than a girl who knows how to kick some ass…not to be mistaken with a girl who actually kicks ass cause that's not cool at all. Knowledge is confidence and confidence is power. Never boxed before? Well its time you learned to throw a proper punch! Lace up pink gloves and learn how to work the bag like you know how to work a 4" pair of stilettoes. This class offers a fantastic cardio workout and will put your arms to the test while we teach you the basics of boxing including stance, defence moves and how to really pack a punch!

Equipment Used: Boxing gloves, medicine balls, pilaties balls, 2 pound gel balls, bender balls & handle balls
Just as important as a bikini wax, don’t think about bringing out the summer bikini before getting in bikini worthy shape. Doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the beach in the middle of summer or lured into a hot tub in the dead of winter – a great bikini body is essential for every season. Instructors in this class help you reach your goals by putting you through weight and cardio circuits for all-over toning and maximum fat burn. This class requires some serious determination – the results will make it all worthwhile!

Equipment Used: Hand weights
Using only the weight of your own body, challenge yourself to a variety of exercises which focus on overall strength, core stability, agility, and flexibility which will tighten and tone the entire body Body Blast...this class should be called Body Bodacious cause that’s what you’ll have if you commit to this class just a few days a week! Be prepared to work up some serious sweat! This strength training class uses hand weights to target every inch of your body. If you are intimidated by the weight room, this class is a fantastic introduction to weight lifting. You are encouraged to increase your weights week after week; if you consistently take this class you won't believe how strong...okay sexy... you’ll become. Mmm mmmm mmmm what's sexier than gorgeously defined muscles.

Equipment Used: Hand weights
Booty Beat is the ultimate sexy, fun cardio dance party! We take our moves straight from the hottest videos and coolest dance floors and incorporate them into a fat burning, super-fun, easy-to-follow routine to provide the perfect combination of cardio and strength training. You will feel like you are a part of a music video rather than in a cardio crazy, core chiselling, booty toning and arm sculpting workout class. YES, we will make you slap your ass in this class but we promise you’ll love it despite yourself!

Equipment Used: No equipment used.
Sure, yoga is great at decompressing but life can deal you some serious knocks and you need to KNOCK BACK! Don’t keep that pent-up aggression inside, or worse yet, unleash it on your unsuspecting, although often times deserving, co-workers – bust it out in our Boxing Bootcamp. You'll be a lean, mean, sexy boxing machine after a full hour of hard-core kicking, punching and scrimmaging.

Equipment Used: Paddles, Gloves, Boxing bags
Calling all under-achiveing Booty! Well, maybe some of you have an over-achieving booty but that's really in the eye of the beholder….and well if Flirty Girl were a man it would be an ass man!

Whether you have grand dreams of a big ass or a small ass we all share the common dream of having a toned, lifted and shapely ass. Make your dreams come true with Brazilian Booty. This class combines Brazilian dance cardio with below the belt sculpting moves to help achieve that perfectly round scrumptious firm booty from every angle – iPhones now come in HD 3D (we don't want to think what the 4D generation will need).
S-E-X-Y, S-U-L-T-R-Y, T-A-N-T-I-L-I-Z-I-N-G-L-Y HHHOOOTTTT. Looking for a BURN? This class will light your LIBIDO on FIRE! It can’t be all about calorie burn all the time. Like many of us Flirty Girls, this class is 90% FLIRTY and 10% DIRTY.

Equipment Used: No Equipment used – besides a sexy imagination and maybe a pair of stilettos.
Want an ass that can stand at attention and maybe even give a salute? This is the class your butt has been asking for. Workout includes jumps, ploy, weighted and unweighted exercise to target your big, bold, beautiful behind!
We finish with an intense interval circuit that includes booty popping, dropping, shaking and twerking.

Equipment Used: Hand Weights and Some classes use Stability balls.
Calorie Crush is a high intensity cardio/toning class that will build lean muscle so you burn fat all day long. Starting with crazy cardio choreography & followed by a full-body toning circuit - this class is designed to target everything - from sculpting your core into defined abs to squatting & lunging for the perfect bum. Put down that burger and get your cute ass to class! Break a sweat as you wild out to the hottest hip-hop and R&B songs on the radio. No dance experience necessary in order to participate in the class; Just be prepared to get loose. This class is structured to offer an intense cardiovascular workout, in addition to teaching students basic Hip Hop movements and technique. The class is ideal for students looking to tone muscles, achieve weight loss and/or increase stamina, all while killing the dance floor and having fun. Think Rihanna’s hot? Love the sexy way she dances? We’ll that’s SOCA! Get ready to sweat in this high-energy, innovative class that incorporates Afro- Caribbean dance moves to get your heart rate high. Our fantastic instructors will have you panting after this intense hour as they transport you from the chill of the north to the sunny south!

Equipment Used: No equipment is used in the class.
You'll never look at a simple kitchen chair the same way again! This class introduces you to the art of the sexy chair dance while giving you the best abdominal workout you've ever had. We start with the basics and work our way through a routine so that at the end, you’ll be able to show off an unbelievably sexy Chair Striptease routine.

Equipment Used: Chair, preferably padded for sensitive booties.
No threats, just a promise…this class is going to kick your ass.

The class is set up with stations, you have 2 minutes to complete each station before a whistle blows and you move to the next station. This class is intense and more than a little competitive.
The ultimate guilty pleasure – well, maybe there are a few other really great guilty pleasures but we digress! You've seen the movie and you know you want to try. You will learn a smokin' hot routine you can perform at your local watering hole. And don't think you're getting outta this class without actually doing a live performance on our own Flirty Girl bar which we've specially designed with Coyote Ugly in mind!

Equipment Used: There is no equipment used for this class.
Travel through time in this cardio style dance class where you will learn simple rhythms and dance styles from the 50's to present day while continuing to sculpt the body A dynamic full body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening. This class will create lean muscles, improve posture, and reduce the size of your hips, waist, and abs. Some jiggle on a woman is totally sexy….but we all know that jiggle has to be confined to the very few “jiggle sexy” areas. This class is aimed at targeting those tough-to-tone areas like the back of your arms and your inner thighs. Let’s give a big round, of jiggle free applause, for Fabulously Firm!

Equipment Used: Hand weights, bender balls, bands & big workout balls.
It's a cardio based total body conditioning workout that pushes your limits. You'll work past your max with explosive cardio, plyometrics drills, strength intervals as well as intense core and ab training. You work at your own level and build your strength and endurance a bit at a time, stop when you need to and push your limits when you can.These intervals never let the body adjust or adapt and therefore plateau.... which in turn gives you INSANE results.

Equipment Used: None
Pilates, or should we say Pil-a-tease? Either way, this class provides the fundamentals for any great workout regimen. Flirty Pilates is an intense arm, core conditioning and total body workout. This class will not only help you build flexibility, but also strength, endurance & coordination.

Equipment used: Foam rollers, balls & resistant bands.
Take a break from being Flirty and get serious in this no-nonsense circuit training class that focuses on form, muscle conditioning and endurance. The Instructor has a whistle and a serious set of pipes to put you through the paces. Using a combination of weights, calisthenics and a cardio circuit you'll Be pushed to your limit. Are you tough enough?

Equipment Used: There is a lot of equipment used in this class, including Medicine Ball, Hula Hoop, Balance balls, Gliders, Bands, etc.
Meet our honorary Flirty Boy, George, SMOKIN’, Chaker! Now we don't normally allow men in our gym, let alone teach a class, but once you’ve taken one of Georges Bootcamps you'll understand why we made the exception! George Chaker's Bootcamp is designed to burn calories, strengthen, tone, and mentally challenge participants. The principle is based on hard work ethic but very safe and accommodating for all ages and fitness levels. We use a combination of weights, drills (military and martial art), boxing and kickboxing, tough core and abs work. Focused and fun ... just like George!

Equipment Used: Varies each week.
Groove classes are dance/fitness class where you learn simple and easy choreography from a variety of different dance styles (Hip Hop, Urban, House, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin, African, Contemporary, Swing, Disco and many more!)

This class was designed for the untrained or trained dancer because you can never get the choreography wrong, it's not about's about YOU- DANCING for the HEALTH of it!

Equipment Used: None
Ladies, want a benefits of boxing without the bruised knuckles and busted manicures… give our challenging & fun Hottie Body Boxing class a try. This intense hour of fast-paced cardio takes you through a typical boxers training – ever seen an overweight boxer? Didn't think so.

Equipment Used: Gloves, hand wraps, punch paddles and GUMPTION.
Not sure if this is for you? We offer a one time special introductory class to first timers of Flirty Girl Fitness. You'll start this beginner pole dance class learning some of the fundamental moves of sexy dance and by the time you're done you'll know a choreographed routine along with a fun pole spin!

Equipment Used: Pole.
An athletic Yoga class designed to educate participants about the mechanics of the body, how to move within the body’s limitations, and overall awareness of body intelligence. The class was designed with 3 focuses in mind; Breathing techniques to coordinate breath and movement increasing range of motion and balance within the left and right side of the brain, Physical Postures to incorporate power and flexibility while challenging balance and core strength to tighten and tone the body, and Relaxation to calm the mind, ease anxiety and pressure, and increase flexibility. No Yoga experience necessary, however, some previous fitness or athletic experience is required. You have TWO CHOICES... you can go to confession and admit your sins, or you can come to KICKASS Cardio and consider your sins abolished.

Looking for maximum calorie burn? Come to Kickass Cardio and earn your dinner, or if you’re a procrastinator than it was last nights martinis, as the instructor puts you through timed cardio circuits using jump ropes, Bosus and good old-fashioned callisthenics. Grab a towel and a bottle of water and be prepared to sweat all the demons out– this class is intense!

Equipment Used: There is a lot of equipment used in this class, including Medicine Ball, Hula Hoop, Balance balls, Gliders, Bands, etc.
We can hide under the guise of fitness and say this is a cardio intensive, calorie-burning class…but that would just be a lie. Is there a lot of humour in this class – YES. Will you leave with shameful skills and a dirty secret? YES. Will your lover thank us for this class? YES YES YES Pleasures like this rarely last an hour!

Equipment Used: Chair.
This full body workout uses a combination of treadmills, ellipticals and weight training intervals; 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance training split into 3-4 intervals. Using a variety of equipment we will keep your muscles guessing so you can reach your fitness goals. Slather on the SPF and get outside! Enjoy summer in the city with our amazing Kat Lee as she takes you on a tour of King West Village with wicked stair runs, plyometric, Tabata and Cross-Fit circuits. All of our Flirty Girl’s already score a Perfect 10 with us, but even us Perfect 10’s need regular maintenance right ladies:)
This class takes you through the 10 body perfecting moves alternating upper body, lower body, core & cardio. We do three 10 minute circuits repeating each body perfecting move for 1 minutes. Then we end the class with some additional ab work – its all about the midriff the season!
Pilates focuses on the core muscles which keep the body balanced – that’s right ladies, this is a great class to compliment your abs workout! Combine your Flirty Pilates class with a high energy dance class for an incredibly effective, amazingly fun trip to the gym.

Equipment Used: Foam rollers, balls & resistant bands.
A mid to high-impact method of exercise comprised of an explosive shortening and lengthening of lower & upper body muscle groups to jack your metabolism. Plyometrics is especially recommended for members interested in sport-specific agility & intense calorie burn.

Equipment Used: None
You'll never experience a hotter, more empowering and feel-good workout. The more you do it the better you get and when you see yourself perform a sexy pole dance, you'll be hooked! But don't think it's going to be easy. This is a serious workout! While pole dancers may seem to float effortlessly around the pole they're actually lifting their own body weight! There isn't a muscle in your whole body that won't be engaged in this class. No experience necessary.

Equipment Used: Pole.
Loosely structured class giving students time to learn and practice pole tricks. The instructor works individually and with small groups of students to help them perfect tricks based on their skill level. Working on pole tricks is seriously hard work so to break up the class the instructor will introduce short choreography sessions, only 32 or 64 counts of fun pole moves that can be used for transition moves between tricks.

Equipment Used: Fitness Dance Pole
Pole spin is a new challenge in using strength & flow of movement. Challenging your body with centripetal force and the added sensation of flying. Most moves are poses which are held as the pole spins, so learning to climb and developing strength are an important part of this class. Gymnast, Cirque du Soliel performer or Flirty Girl Pole Dancer? It can be your own dirty little secret of you can take advantage of your bragging rights; either way, if you commit to the pole your body will never look better! No choreography is taught. Just cool pole tricks for one full hour! We recommend you have at least one drop in pole dance class under your belt before trying this more intermediate class.

Equipment Used: Poles, mats and no fear of heights.
An intense hour of dumbbell circuits designed to burn fat.

Equipment used: Mat, dumb bells
Rated R - Ridiculously Racy Risque and Robust aka Real Women!! Get ready to tone, stretch and strip for the boardroom…we mean bedroom. Amazing Mom? Make Loads of Money? Super Successful? And yet we still need to be super hot sexy diva's – what the hell?? We may not like the philosophy but when in Rome, make out with an Italian! From strip tease moves to full body Kamasutra toning with a twist of sexy stretch yoga, Rated R targets all areas of the body including your inner dominatrix. This class may not push your erotic boundaries but it will give you the muscle tone and stamina to do so! Class Mantra: Tease, Tone & Tantalize! The only way to get really great at something is to practice it – over and over and over again. Introducing Sexercise, the only fitness class that will take you from good to GREAT!

We took our inspiration from the Kama Sutra, and after lots of exhaustive late night research (we oddly had a lot of volunteers for this) we pulled together muscle conditioning, endurance (oh so important) and dance movement that worked to improve our performance of the Kama Sutra moves.

Disclaimer: Flirty Girl Fitness is not responsible for the conception of any babies during the making of this program. Please take class at your own risk.
No liposuction or nip 'n tuck required. We'll help you change the shape of your body in this sculpting class, targeting those problem areas using dumbbells, stability balls and your own body's resistance.

Equipment Used: Bands, bender balls, weights, balance ball & gliders.
Socacize™ is an exhilarating Caribbean workout that blends of high/low impact aerobics with African and indigenous Caribbean dance movements performed to Calypso, Soca, Zouk, Reggae, and Dancehall. Prepare for a 1hr total body workout which includes cardio and toning combinations which help target those troubled spots while dancing in a Soca Jam Party! The ultimate goal of this class is to workout with emphasis on carefully selected music and movements to synchronize the mind and body to burn calories fast (up to 1000 per session). Are you ready to sweat? This class is a fusion of Hatha yoga, Pilates, & Ashtanga. You will acquire ‘length’ from the held stretches in Hatha. You will build ‘strength’ from learning and practicing yoga poses you see in photos of Ashtanga yoga. And balance and core work from pilates. This class will help you with better over-all fitness while creating strong, long, & lean muscles.

Equipment Used: Yoga Mat
1 minute of intense vomit worthy exercise followed by 30 seconds of peaceful bliss then dammit, another minute of intense vomit worthy exercise followed by 30 seconds of peaceful bliss - repeat.

This high-intensity interval training is designed specifically to burn the fat off your ass and inner thighs – okay so maybe we made that part up and fat actually burns equally off all parts of your body and can't be targeted specifically to the ass and thighs but we can still direct all of our anger and frustration to the fat on our ass and inner thighs!
Get ready to push yourself to the limits in this total body conditioning class. You will experience exercises that focus on core stabilization and full body muscle burn which pushes your body to the max. Through body weight, sculpting, and plyometric exercises, you will experience what it is like to train like elite athletes.

Equipment Used: Bender Balls, resistant bands & hand weights.
…no, we don't mean "those" triple threats, although we're sure they're real and spectacular!

1. High intensity aerobics like Booty Beat or say a romp with Brad Pitt
2. Plyometric training designed to produce fast, powerful movements and improve overall "performance"…cough cough wink wink
3. Quick bits of super sexy choreography to make sure your mind stays focused and in the gutter where it belongs!
We are officially in the era of the “Big Butt” and this class is all about your booty! We’ll be shak’n it, bounce'n it, twerk'n it and most importantly tone'n it! Flat Butt? Saggy Butt? You need Ultimate Lower Body – think of this class an "Ode to the ASS" . Even those blessed Flirty Girl’s with the perfect shelf booty J-Lo Ass still need to maintain that Ass in our Ultimate Lower Body class. And we realize your ass only looks great if the posts its sitting on looking fabulous as well so we’re gonna tighten your thighs and lengthen your quads. This hour long class of lunges, squats, and mat work will put your gluts & quads to work!

Equipment Used: Bender Balls & resistance bands
Grab some hand weights and start carving out shapely shoulders, toned triceps and beautiful biceps in this group training class. You’ll love how you look in that strapless dress, hell, not dress at all, after successive sessions in this class that targets everything from the waist up.

Equipment Used: Hand weights.
Ever wish you could be a sexy dancer like Beyonce, Madonna or the Pussycat Dolls? Well now you can! We're recreating all of their videos in class so you can learn the exact same routines. Each class will teach you a new sexy dance routine to a popular music video. All exercise should be this fun. Plus you'll wanna showcase these new moves in the clubs!

Equipment Used: No equipment used.
Do not be mistaken ladies, working with weights WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOK BULKY…this is a huge misconception of heavy training. Women simply do not have enough testosterone to get that big without a little help from a chemist – so don’t worry, train hard, lift heavy and push yourself and you will get LEAN, TONED AND THIN – that is a Flirty Girl Promise!

Equipment Used: Hand weights.
Wanna learn how to dance like Britney Spears? Well here's your golden opportunity! Take a look at her newest video "Work B&#%H" and get yourself ready to bust your booty like Britney. We'll learn bits of progressive over 4 weeks, take all 4 or drop in, you'll be able to catch up and have a blast. Fabulousness & fun guaranteed! "You want a hot body, you gotta work bitch!" A fluid yoga class with an emphasis on linking breath with movement. It's an authentic yoga practice rooted in the Ashtanga primary series. We Flow through sun salutations to build heat and strength, followed by classical yoga poses to help with balance, flexibility and inner calm! A relaxing yet vigorous class. Zumba combines motivating music with unique moves and combinations letting you dance away your worries. It's a fusion of Latin and International music featuring aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is an incredibly fun, easy and effective class-you'll feel rejuvenated after this high energy hour.

Equipment Used: no equipment used.