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Frequently Asked Questions

No experience is necessary; Flirty Girl Fitness is designed for all women. Regardless of size, age or fitness level we have a class suitable for you. All Drop-in classes (except for a few Intermediate classes) are designed to cater all fitness levels. All 4-week session classes are offered with beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction so you're always working at a level you are comfortable with. However, we highly recommend that you complete each level before moving onto the next; some women may also want to repeat levels of the same course until they have mastered the movements and feel comfortable moving on to more challenging levels. You definitely don't need to be thin. In these classes, we want you to accentuate your curves! You'll find women of all shapes and sizes in the class. The only class that has a weight restriction is the pole dancing class. The recommended capacity of the poles for spins and lifts is 250 lbs. Otherwise, come as you are! This is a fitness class so come in comfortable workout clothes. For the pole dancing classes it is helpful to wear fitted clothes and no lotion or hand jewelry. No footwear is worn in our pole dancing classes, some sensual dance classes, yoga or pilates classes. For all other classes bring athletic footwear just to be safe. For beginner pole dancers we recommend that you wear long pants to make your initial spins more comfortable. Once you are more advanced you will wear short shorts for stability and inversions. Experiment with what works best for you. What's most important is that you feel comfortable. Absolutely not, this is a women's only studio. Men and children must remain in the main lobby and are not permitted in the change rooms or studio rooms. Many women are somewhat shy to start. However, it doesn't take long before everyone lets their inhibitions go. Our studios provide women with a safe, fun and supportive environment to explore their sexy side. Men are only allowed in the main reception area, and not permitted to enter the studios. We also offer Private Lessons with one-on-one instruction. Absolutely! Our classes are a total body workout. For instance, Pole Dancing requires you to lift your own body weight; even you weight lifters will be surprised how sore your muscles are the next day! The chair exercises will put your abs to the test. BootyBeat classes will get your heart pumping. Our Yoga and Pilates program is the ultimate for flexibility and strength training. Get yourself in a Boxing class for a crazy full-body cardio workout! Check out our class descriptions for more details about each of our unique classes. Drop-in classes are one hour classes. There are no pre-requisites required (except for a handful of Intermediate classes) as there is no continuation from one class to the next. These classes are ideal for those with a busy and uncertain schedule.

Weekly Session Classes require a 4-week commitment. The class occurs once a week on the same day and same time for 4 consecutive weeks. Each class builds on choreography so that by the end of the 4 weeks, you will have learned a complete routine to a particular song. These classes are a lot of fun and keep you coming to the gym on a regular and scheduled basis. These classes are also ideal for those who want to build on their skills on the pole as you will learn a new trick each week!

Workshops occur on Saturdays and Sundays only. They are 2-hour classes that will teach you a mini choreographed routine to a particular song. Workshops are ideal for those people who do not live close to the studio and cannot come regularly. They are also a fantastic option for smaller groups that want to have the ultimate girls’ day out but can’t commit to a private party.
We want to give everyone a chance to develop the strength and skills necessary to move on to Intermediate and even Advanced Pole Dancing classes.

Pole Dancing 101
Each new session uses a different song, and they are also songs of different styles. We recommend you try a number of 4 week sessions with some different instructors to learn new styles and techniques.
When you are ready to move on and learn more difficult spins and do inversions on the pole we offer the following level classes that operate on the same format as above:

Intermediate Pole Dancing 202
Advanced Pole Dancing 303

If successfully complete the Advanced levels, you should consider performing with our Flirty Girl Dance Troupe!
No initiation fees. Minimum 1-year membership contract required after which you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. We’ll even allow you to freeze your membership and payments for up to 3 months in case of injury, vacation, travel, etc. Classes fill quickly so please reserve your spot in advance by phone or by email. Members and Punch Card holders may simply email their reservation requests to All others, please note that a credit card is required to reserve your spot - please call 416-920-1400 to make your reservation!

Live Studio FAQ

Flirty Girl Fitness revolutionized women's fitness by creating the "un-gym," a studio where clients feel fabulous trying fun, new workouts! Flirty Girl Fitness Live allows our members, as well as women all over the world, to take part in their favourite Flirty Girl Classes LIVE.

Our new online fitness studio allows both Flirty members and new Flirty faces to take part in LIVE Flirty Girl Fitness classes. We stream 3-4 classes a day from the Toronto studio, giving you many daily options to spice up your fitness routine! These classes are uncut and unedited so you don't miss a moment with your favourite instructors.
Flirty Girl Fitness has equipped each studio with cameras, a timer and an "on-air" light so viewers at home can join the Flirty fun! Once the class goes LIVE, it will remain available on our site for the next 24 hours! Flirty Girls in all time zones can access their online studio and get in their favourite Flirty Workout. We do have Flirty flagship studios in Toronto and Chicago, as well as Ultimate Flirty Girls teaching classes all over North America. Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE will be available to Flirty Girls around the world! Login to Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE and never miss your favourite Flirty class. All our in-studio members will be given free access to the online gym, and our Punchcard Holders will receive a onetime, Free Day pass. There are three options available for online memberships.
1 day membership- $5.00
1 week membership- $10.00
1 month membership- $15.00
Members to the Toronto and Chicago studio will receive a free membership to Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE website, and Punch Card Holders will receive a onetime, Free Day Pass.
All LIVE classes will be easily identified on the website, class schedule and in each studio room by an "On Air" light. Only one studio will ever be streamed at a time. Of our 100 weekly classes we offer, 23 of those classes will be streamed LIVE for Flirty Girls at home and on the go. Not to worry! At the studio, we have 100 classes each week and less than a quarter of our classes will be streamed on Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE. If you prefer not to be filmed, Flirty Girl Fitness almost always has two alternative classes in the same time frame.

In each LIVE studio, we will also have black out spots. If you would like to attend one of the LIVE classes and wish to not appear on the LIVE stream, follow our visible marking on the floor toward the back of the studio. That will in ensure you aren't a Video Vixen… yet!
We will have a handful of "Flirty Favourites" available for viewing at all times. All LIVE classes will only be streamed for 24 hours and then automatically deleted off the Flirty server. No, the classes cannot be downloaded or recorded- only streamed. After the LIVE classes have been broadcast in your time zone for 24 hours, they will be deleted. Streaming means playing audio/video content in real time through the internet. Don't worry; it does not take up space on your computer's hard drive. The content is not stored on your computer. LIVE classes cannot be saved for a later date!