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April Schedule


7:00am Boot Camp Gill/Michelle
12:00pm Body Blast Eneli
4:30pm Hottie Body Boxing Gill
5:30pm Bikini Bootcamp Gill
5:30pm Cardio Hip Hop Candice
6:30pm Lean Machine Candice
6:30pm Core & Cardio Gill
6:30pm Fab Firm Karey
7:30pm Zumba Candice
7:30pm Strength & Length Yoga Karey
8:30pm Socacize Candice
8:30pm Pole Tricks Daina


10:00am Bikini Boot Camp Michelle E
12:00pm Body Blast Michelle E
4:30pm Hard Ass Gill
5:00pm Express Lean Machine Liana
5:30pm Cardio Hip Hop Candice
5:30pm Sexy Sculpt Liana
6:00pm Lean Machine Gill
6:30pm Zumba Candice
6:30pm Women & Weights Liana
7:30pm Bikini Boot Camp Gill
7:30pm Brazilian Booty Candice
8:30pm Pole Tricks (All Levels) Daina
8:30pm Body Beautiful Candice


7:00am Boot Camp Gill/Michelle
12:00pm Body Blast Michelle E
5:00pm Express Abs & Cardio Gill
5:00pm Lean Machine Felicia
5:30pm Body Blast Eneli
5:30pm Bikini Boot Camp Gill
6:30pm Caribbean Dance Cardio Felicia
6:30pm Fab Firm Karey
6:30pm Lean Machine Candice
7:30pm Hard Ass Gill
7:30pm Buns & Guns Alicia
8:30pm Zumba Candice
8:30pm Pole Tricks Beginner Kiran


10:00am Body Blast Gill
12:00pm Bikini Bootcamp Gill
5:00pm Express Lean Machine Gill
5:00pm Body Blast Eneli
5:30pm Hard Ass Gill
6:00pm Ballerina Bodies Eneli
6:00pm Lean Machine Clara
6:30pm Bikini Bootcamp Gill
7:00pm Pole Tricks Daina
7:30pm Zumba Cristina


12:00pm Body Blast Eneli
5:00pm Core & Kettle Bells Gill
5:30pm Lean Machine Kim
6:00pm Bikini Bootcamp Gill
6:00pm Caribbean Dance Cardio Felicia
7:00pm Pole Dance Tara


9:00am Pilates Ariel
9:00am Body Blast Gill
10:00am Bikini Boot Camp Gill
10:00am Zumba MJ
11:00am Hottie Body Boxing Gill
11:00am Abs, Legs & Booty MJ
12:00pm H.I.I.T Mia
12:00pm Pole Dance Workshop (see workshop schedule)  
1:00pm Dance Workshop (see workshop schedule)  


10:00am Abs, Legs & Booty LIVE Clara
11:00am Pole Tricks Tara
11:00am Bikini Boot Camp Gill
12:00pm Body Blast Gill
12:00pm 2 Hour Workshop (see workshop schedule)  
1:00pm Lean Machine Gill

Closed for Good Friday April 18th and Easter Sunday April 20

* Schedule is subject to change without notice