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I have been a member of Flirty Girl Fitness for a year now and have watched a total transformation in my body. I have lost weight, toned muscles and have more energy then I did before.

As great as the physical changes are, Flirty Girl has done more than just change the way I look, it has also changed the way I feel. I have met so many wonderful women who have become my friends and inspiration. The classes offer something for every level and every size and the teachers offer the encouragement you need to sweat it out and push yourself harder then you thought possible. Workouts at Flirty Girl have become a regular part of my routine and a part of my life I cannot see myself without.
- Annette, Toronto ON
Why do I go to Flirty Girl Fitness? Because I am addicted! I have been a member of various gyms over the years, and I have never had so much fun working out as I do with Flirty Girl Fitness. I went from 2-3 classes a month at my old gyms, to 2-3 class per day at Flirty Girl Fitness. The staff and instructors create a warm environment where every woman feels comfortable to be sexy and work hard!

The variety of classes offered meets my scheduling needs and I can always find a class that fits my mood. When I want to feel sexy, I will take a pole class. If I am stressed, I'll turn to Power Yoga to centre myself. Frustrated? Flirty Fight Club, to box out my aggression.

I am addicted to the positive changes to my body, the confidence I have gained, and the Flirty way I feel every time I leave!
Julie, Toronto, ON
Flirty Girl Fitness is the best discovery I have made in a long time. I was having trouble finding a way to keep in shape that I would stick to and now my search is over! The large variety of unique classes are great exercise and my girlfriends and I find ourselves laughing and having a ball the entire time. Every new friend I bring ends up loving it and they keep coming back with me for more classes. I now look forward to my workout, which is something I never thought I would say about exercising.

I’m officially hooked! Thanks Flirty Girls!
Joanna, Toronto ON
I have been working out at Flirty Girl for about half a year now. I have never enjoyed working out like this before. I hate when I have to miss a class! The facility is beautiful; the instructors are amazing. I feel encouraged in each class whether it is a sexy pole dance or a serious fitness class. It is really the best place for a girl to get a great workout in this city!
Amanda, Toronto ON
I’ve been a member of Flirty Girl Fitness only since January of this year and I must say I’m sorry that I didn’t join earlier. Like Kerry and Krista, I watched that episode of Oprah with my best friend where Terri Hatcher showed off some of her Strip Tease Aerobics moves and we were immediately excited and impressed with them. My girl friend and I searched the yellow pages and different websites searching for Strip Tease Aerobics in Toronto, but had no luck, eventually we gave up. Then, last May on a Sunday afternoon I was channel searching and came across a commercial you guys had on OMNI TV. I was so happy, however, I was in a one year commitment with a gym and couldn’t get out. As soon as the year finished, I contacted you guys.

At first I was only interested in Pole, Lap and Strip Tease classes. I started trying a bit of every class you offered and now I AM HOOKED on you guys. There are days when I’m there from 5:30- 9:30 then I’m back for more the next day. It’s amazing where I find the energy from, but the trainers there motivate me to do more. I’ve done weights and cardio exercises for years and have gotten a lot of complements on my body, but, never have I done the things I have done at Flirty Girls and I’m loving it! My body is leaner that before, I’m more flexible and definitely more defined. Every week you guys are offering new classes to make sure that we don’t get bored and have a lot of choices.

I am loving Power Yoga, GI Jane, Basic Boxing for Babes, Flirty Girl Fight Club, Vertical Ballet Bar, Pole 101, Hula Hooplah. I’m really glad you guys took the initiative to open this studio, you give a lot of women a place to go to exercise in every way without being judged. The instructors are very nice but they still push us to kick ass!

Thank you ladies and keep up the good work.
Trudie, Toronto ON
I had fallen out of my fitness routine and was looking for something new and fun - I’m tired of regular gyms and women’s fitness centres.

Just for fun I signed up for a weekend Pole Dancing workshop and I loved it!

Now I’m there 3-4 times a week taking everything from Sexy Strip to Boxing to Salsa and GI Jane! This is the most fun way ever to get in shape.

The instructors are incredibly fun and motivating, and the other members are fantastic as well!
Lisa, Toronto, ON
I have been working out at Flirty Girl for about half a year now. I have never enjoyed working out like this before. I hate when I have to miss a class! The facility is beautiful; the instructors are amazing. I feel encouraged in each class whether it is a sexy pole dance or a serious fitness class. It is really the best place for a girl to get a great workout in this city!
Amanda, Toronto ON
Flirty Girl Fitness is fantastic! It is a funky studio with amazing instructors who push you to your limit! They offer a variety of fun classes to suit everyone’s needs. My personal favorite is Flirty Fight Club, it’s a kick ass class that provides a great overall body workout . Flirty Girl Fitness makes it fun to work out and you will find you want to work out more than you ever thought you would!
Kelly, Toronto ON
I always knew I had an inner Pussycat Doll. Who knew all I needed was a little help from Flirty Girl Fitness to unleash her!

The classes I have taken have all been fantastic and so much fun I always forget I am actually working out!

The instructors are fabulous and break down the dances in such an easy way that everyone is able to keep up. Trust me when I say that when you leave the sexy, fun, Flirty Girl studio, you will have a swing in your hips that definitely wasn’t there before!
Catherine, Toronto ON
I’ve been a member of Flirty Girl Fitness for over 7 months and the improvements are noticeable inside and out! Not only do I FINALLY have muscle definition (and abs!), but the boost to my self-esteem has been immeasurable!

Finally - a fitness studio that combines incredibly fun and challenging workout routines with body awareness - all in a safe and friendly environment, not to mention the amazing friends I’ve made here. I encourage anyone who is shy or unsure to come and try a workshop or a 4-week session to start - you may walk in a skeptic but you’ll walk out a diva.
Melissa, Toronto ON
Joined your club in early March (been to about 11 classes so far) in an effort to once and for all do something to deal with my high cholesterol issue. Prior to joining I had shopped around at other local clubs such Diesel and Totum but in the end settled on your club. Without any hesitation I can say I certainly made the right choice and have been completely impressed overall.

With the number and variety of classes available, fitting one of them into my busy schedule is always possible and of course the instructors I have had so far have been great as they are not only informative but encouraging. I have found all the classes to be extremely challenging (well, not so much love for the Booty Beat I had taken by accident) and fun. Just wanted to take the second to say thanks for creating just the kind of club I’ve been looking for.
Robin, Toronto ON
The ladies at my Daycare plan a trip for all of the staff and the cool moms every year. They don’t tell us what we are doing or where we are going. This year we pulled up to Flirty Girl Fitness. I wasn’t sure what to think. We did the Pole Dancing and the Coyote Dancing. It was sooooo much fun! And a great work out. I could feel all of my muscles the next day. The staff made it a lot of fun!
Spicy Momma, Toronto ON
Please pass on to your instructors that they make Flirty Girl Fitness what it is. I lost 15lbs when working out at your studio. It was because of the energy and commitment that your staff put into their work. I loved all of your classes and I continue to pass on praises to all females in the Toronto area.
Alicia, Toronto ON
I just started going to Flirty Girl this year and it’s been SO much fun. I look forward to my classes every week and I always leave them feeling upbeat and excited, no matter how bad my day was. The staff are all very warm and welcoming and will gladly answer any questions you have. The instructors are fun and excited and are always more than willing to stop and explain a move again if you’re having trouble catching on. The mood in the classes is always one of freedom and women can have fun and feel sexy without worrying about their bodies, because every woman is beautiful. The facilities are clean and modern. They offer everything you need, right down to styling products for after your shower, so there’s no need to go home, you can head right downtown to try out your new dance moves right away! I would definitely recommend trying this place
Heather, Toronto ON
When I was in Toronto, I went to Flirty Girl, not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the modern facility and the professionalism of the staff. Not only are the classes comfortable for all types of women, the music is excellent and the dance instructors are great!
South Florida Gal, FL
I think Flirty Girl is definitely a must try for every woman, it really makes you feel empowered! The studio is beautiful, I have never seen such clean and nice facilities in a gym. It did feel like they crammed many of us into one studio, there were about 20 in the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and inspiring, she really forced you to bring out your sexy side! One thing is for sure: If you really want to get over your shyness, meet new people and at the same time get fit and be sexy, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! Really, there is no room to be shy here. It feels awkward in the beginning, but after a while everyone lets their inhibitions go. When you’re actually working whether on the pole or the chair, you don’t feel you’ve worked your muscles until the next day. My hamstrings, glutes and abs were quite sore!
Artist, Toronto ON
Empowering place.........and addictive as hell. I basically drop in every day to shake it a bit. Tons of classes with great variety: pole, lap dance, MTV choreography, striptease, belly dancing, boxing, salsa, hip hop, Pilates and you name it as they offer different workshop here and there like burlesque and cabaret. I mean I cannot possibly want more...And a membership fee is amazing comparing to what they offer, you will not find any better deal in town. Keep growing flirties!!!
Martishka, Toronto, ON
My best friend has been raving about Flirty Girl Fitness for months now...I finally got a chance to try it out and must say that it lived up to my expectations. I live in Montreal but was able to come down 2 weeks ago and use my gift certificate for a weekend workshop....I recommend this place to all ladies no matter what size or shape. Hopefully Flirty Girl will open up in Montreal soon but until then I’ll be making some more trips down for the weekend workshops. If you live in Toronto CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!
Maria, Montreal, Quebec
The studio is beautiful, the teachers are well training and friendly and the classes are a lot of fun! I have recruited several girlfriends into going to Flirty Girl Fitness and not one was fact, they all go regularly as do I!!!
Mizz Robin, Toronto ON
My body changed, my curves are more accentuated, I can move better, I learn new things all the time and it’s hard to get bored as there are so many classes to check. My flexibility also improved. From not being able to do one push up and not being flexible I came a long way. I can rock the pole upside down and can do a split!
Wernoica, Toronto ON