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The Flirty Girls

Flirty Girl Fitness® is the brainchild of sisters Kerry and Krista Knee, who quickly became known as "The Flirty Girls". Kerry & Krista's move into fitness began in 2005 after Kerry became interested in pole dancing, but couldn't find any classes available to explore her new interest. Seeing the opportunity for a sexy new workout, she bought a pole to teach herself. When Krista came to visit her sister, they were both amazed how quickly she took to this new sport; within weeks, Krista was mastering the spins and techniques involved in pole dancing. With Kerry's experience in taking new start-ups to market and her sister's physical fitness background and prowess on the pole this dynamic duo developed and launched Flirty Girl Fitness®.

The original Flirty Girl Fitness®is now one of the top fitness facilities for women in Toronto since opening in December 2005.  The girl's opened their second flagship loation in Chicago in 2007 and are now working on their third in Lincoln Park Chicago. 

Anxious to share their program with women everywhere, the sisters partnered with Savvier Fitness to develop the Flirty Girl Fitness® Home Edition in 2007, a collection of dance and fitness DVD's designed for use in the home; it has since become a national phenomenon! In 2009 the pair launched Flirtification, a national instructor certification program training fitness professionals how to teach the Flirty Girl Fitness signature dance class, Boot Beat. Flirty Girl is proud to have over 2500 instructors and counting, teaching Booty Beat across North America!

The Flirty Girl’s latest endeavor is Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE; live and on demand classes streamed from the Flirty Girl studio in Toronto. This revolutionary idea allows women to turn any space into a home gym. The classes are uncut and unedited so you don’t feel like you're working out alone but with a community of other woman. Flirty Girl Fitness Live allows our members, as well as women all over the world, to take part in their favorite Flirty Girl Classes LIVE.